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The Zazi Story

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We are an Australian Company that brings you an Australian Made, all natural range of Beautiful Mineral Makeup and Beautiful Skin Care. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients in all ZAZI products which are all sourced from within Australia.


How we came to be…

Founder, Roz Smith

The Zazi Mineral Cosmetics brand was inspired by my family - mostly my eldest daughter Jenae. In 2005, a 15 year old Jenae had fallen prey to painful teenage acne. Over a short period of time, these few blemishes slowly turned into severe cystic acne to the point where even putting her cheek onto a pillow would cause severe pain. I watched the acne take its toll on not only her skin, but her self confidence as well. As a mother, naturally all I wanted to do was help my daughter. At the direction of her dermatologist, we started to look more closely at the ingredients in commercial treatments, makeup and skincare. Finding a foundation without the ingredients that we were advised by the dermatologist to avoid proved extremely difficult. We discovered a lot about what is and isn't healthy to use on our skin and were determined to find a complete range of safe products that offered solutions for my daughter. After numerous failed attempts to find skincare and makeup for Jenae's now extremely sensitive skin, We found ourselves on the road to creating Zazi.

Four years later, in 2009, Michael and I found ourselves at the launch of Zazi Mineral Cosmetics - boasting an entire range of 100% Natural Mineral Makeup and Skin Care, free from harsh ingredients, yet still offering the same great results which we designed and continue to manufacture ourselves. Our range only includes the highest quality ingredients- no petrochemicals, no talc, no bismuth oxychloride, no fillers, no parabens, no unnatural preservatives or colours and no mineral oils. You will be amazed at the results, affordability and the excellence in quality of the entire Zazi Range.

We now aspire to promote the Zazi Difference worldwide - providing clients with the highest quality products at a price they can actually afford, while educating them on their skin and the reality of what chemicals can do to your skin. We strive to go above and beyond with our customer service and the quality of our products and aspire to achieve a sense of family.




We at Zazi are passionate about skincare, makeup, people & business – it is our life!