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Natural skin care products:


A cleansing milk made with the most sensitive of skins in mind. The earthy aroma of our natural preservatives, teamed with essential oils, citrus and aloe vera not only cleans the skin, but softens, hydrates and strengthens even the most fragile skins. The cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh without stripping or drying out the skin and is suitable for all ages and skintypes. 

Face Scrub

Soft Smooth skin starts with an exceptional facial exfoliant. The Zazi Facial Exfoliant uses jojoba beads to gently remove excess dead skin cells and dirt without scratching our delicate skin; while Pink Kaolin clay and citrus draw out the impurites and toxins in our skin and stimulate blood flow. The deep cleanse, exfoliation and increased circulation in your skin leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and provides you with a natural glow. 


Zazi have Created this mask with simplicity in mind. It is simple to use and simple to introduce to your skincare routine while providing all skin types with amazing results. White Clay draws out toxins and impurities from the skin to combat breakouts, while the low pH level makes it ideal for sensitive, irritated or dull skins. The Mask also stimlutes circulation in the skin, which combats ageing and provides a natural, healthy glow to the skin. This results in the silky smooth, glowing skin that we all desire. 

Moisturising Oil - Normal Serum

The Zazi Moisturising Serum in Normal is perfect for those with balanced skin looking to maintain their healthy skin. The blend of natural ingredients including essential oils penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing the collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm, plump and nourished and add a natural glow. It is a luxurious day and night treatment and delicate enough to use aound the eye area. 

Moisturising Oil - Combination Serum

With a perfect blend of citrus essential oils along with othe natural ingredients, the Combination Serum minimises oil flow in combination through to oily skins, eliminating breakouts and blockages giving you smooth, soft skin. The Natures serum can be used both day and night and around the eye area. 

Moisturising Oil - Dry & Mature Serum

The Dry and Mature natures Serum is perfect for those who are seeking extra nourishment in their skin. The nourishing essential oil, like avocado and wheatgerm oil, are absorbed rapidly into the skin, giving you optimum moisturisation promoting health and vitality in the skin and proven to minimise fine lines and wrinkles by 30%. Again, the Natures serum can be used day and night and around the eye area. 

Zest Dry and Mature Skin Toner

The Zest Dry and Mature Toner is packed full of soothing and hydrating ingredients which genlty rebalance the pH levels in the skin without drying it out. The toner is vital in your skincare routine, preparing the skin for optimum moisturisation. The Toner can also be used for a Mid-Day spritzer to keep the skin cool and refreshed. 

ZAZI Zest Sensitive Skin Toner

Filled with anit-inflammatory ingredients, the Zest Sensitive toner is perfect for those suffering from any sensitivities, from acne through to psoriasis. The toner aids in rebalancing the skin's natural pH while preparing the skin for the moisturiser. The toner can also be used throughout the day as a spritzer. 

Zazi Body Oil

The Zazi Body oil is filled with luxurious 100% natural ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin to hydrate and moisturize from the inside, which in turn reflects on the outside, leaving your skin desirably soft and vibrant. The Body oil is designed for daily use and minimises dry, flaky skin. 


Our Zazi Soaps are made with the natural goodness of goats milk and yoghurt to gently clean and similtaneously moisturise the skin, making it perfect for those with any sort of skin condition such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and even babies!