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Flawless looking skin starts with a superior foundation. Our foundations are enriched with the highest quality minerals so you get a flawless, even complexion that will last the whole day. Zazi Mineral Foundation will provide your delicate skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 15-26) provided through ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxcide to protect your skin from both UVA, which causes premature ageing, and UVB, which cause burning. The lightweight formula is perfect for all skin types, and even suitable for those who suffer from sensitive skins, acne and other skin conditions. Our unique 100% natural formula also has the veil built in to make it sweat and water resistant, so there is no need for a finishing powder, this one will last all day on its own! Our Smart absorbancy ensures that the foundation is suitable for both dry and oily skins. 


The Zazi Mineral Blushes are packed with beautiful 100% natural ingredients to give you the amazing cheekbones you are after. The pure ingredients provide you with a blush that glides seamlessly over your  foundation, giving you gorgeous defined cheeks with a beautiful tone. With a shade for every look, there is sure to be a Zazi Blush just for you.


Zazi have created a range of colour rich Mineral Bronzers, free from petrochemicals and unnatural ingredients with a soft shimmer to die for. With two traditional warm brown bronzers and our unique pink bronzer, Mojo, the Zazi Bronzer Range has your needs covered, whether you are after a beautiful natural glow or a more defined, contoured look.


Zazi have created this silky smooth primer to compliment your Zazi Foundation. The Zazi Moisturising Primer gently hydrates and cools the skin with natural ingredients, creating an even tone and smooth texture for application of your foundation. The Primer helps to create a more flawless coverage and additional staying power; perfect for those who suffer from skin conditions like acne scarring, pigmentation, psoriasis and menopausal women.


With both Green and Yellow Concealers, Zazi have all of your needs covered. These extremely concentrated concealers will hide all of your concerns; from dark circles and pgimentation, through to extreme redness and acne, Zazi has you covered. 

Eye Shadows & Liners

Here at Zazi, we pride ourselves on making the purest products, and that includes our Mineral Eyeshadows. All of our Mineral Eye shadows contain no fillers which makes them highly pigmented, ensuring a smooth, consistent and vibrant application every time. With the versatility to use these both wet and dry to customize your look from day to night, these little wonders are a must have in every makeup collection; now it's just up to you to choose your hues. 


Ever had a lipstick that is dry, clumpy or powdery on your lips? Zazi Lipstick is exactly the opposite. We have packed our lipsticks full of ingredients that treat, hydrate and protect your lips while you wear them! The lipstick is smooth and silky on your lips with intense colour for a great, lasting result and colour that actually stays where its put.