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How important is the correct foundation


Choosing the correct foundation colour is by far the most important part of anyone’s makeup regime. This is the base to your perfect look… hence the name Foundation.

Your skin consists of a surface tone and an undertone. The surface tone is quite simple and is most often described as light or fair, medium, tan or dark and so on. Your skins undertone is the colour underneath the surface and can be a bit trickier to identify. If you are wearing the incorrect undertone you face may look dull, muddy or even ashy.



If your undertone is more on the

yellow side (warm)

Choose from our coffee range.


If your undertone is more on the

pink side (cool)

Choose from our Caramel Range


Some foundations colours are way too yellow, making you look gaunt and sick, while others are very pink and just don’t suit.

Zazi is proud to have formulated our unique foundation colouring choosing Coffee and Caramel to describe the undertone and having 5 shades of each.  Coffee is on the yellow side but not too far and Caramel, the pinker hue but again only slightly, therefore suiting many more people.


If you are unsure of your surface tone or undertone click here to go to our shade selection guide.



Abby is wearing Malt Fudge 

in our Caramel Range


 Jenae is wearing Mocha

in our Coffee range