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The good, bad and downright regrettable: A study on the evolution of make up

- Thursday, July 30, 2015

To celebrate the introduction of Zazi Matte Eyeshadows, with dramatic colour and ever-lasting application, we decided to check out the history of major makeup trends and the women who brought them to us. 

Pastel ruled the 1950’s with an iron fist, electric-avenue blue mascara dominated the 80s, glitter-glue shoulders to show off with your halter neck in the early 2000s and now, brows are in, natural is envied and more is better.   

Oh, makeup. It’s been a hell of a ride. 

This month Zazi looks at the evolution of makeup – if nothing else, just watching the eyebrows wiggle through the history pages getting shorter, fatter, thin, barely-there (cringe) fluffy and settling into defined and bold is enough to make anyone laugh / cringe / cry. 

We watch as trends resurface and take on a whole new shape.  In the 1960’s stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor went for the bold and dark look, penciling the brow to define and achieve consistent colour. We are pleased to say Brows are back, and with Zazi brow butters, the natural bold brow has never been easier to achieve! 

The 60s gave us bright, Warhol-style pops of colour and twiggy-lashes with perfect definition and length.  Bright lips and bold eye colours are bringing back the pop-art feel as we girls get more comfortable experimenting with makeup, while brave and bold liner with “holy crap they’re long” lashes are everywhere – bringing Twiggy and Warhol back to life.  Check out Zazi Matte Eye shadows for a dramatic pop of colour to complete your look!

Enter the 80s – oh dear. What can we say? The preppie 80s woman was a demure, fluffy-headed creature – and volume has definitely made a comeback! Meanwhile, Fluro tried its’ best to re-enter our lives around 2003 – 2009 and thankfully disappeared as quickly as it arrived (“Choose life” shirt, anyone?).  One thing that the 80s had going was anything went! Rock chick, aerobics, cross-dressing, socks – you name it!

Enter Boy George, who tried a bit of everything….at once (cue: SHRIEK!) 

The 90s brought us sparkles and rainbows on one hand, and the apathetic grunge on the other. One died, the other lived. Don’t get us wrong – a little sparkle is a wonderful thing! But glitter glue slapped all over your skin, eyebrows plucked with an inch of their life and blue eyeshadow trailing all the way up to where the eyebrows should be – not good. Think Spice girls, agree with us and move on.  Grunge survived and we’re glad! Dark, moody lips, smokey eyes and a clean foundation can never be put down!

A new millennium arrives.  The basics come back. Enter the boho, the natural and the softer lips.  Bold takes a backseat and makes room for the Natalie Portmans and Keira Knightleys. 

 Enter the now. How much fun is makeup right now! Looks are being experimented, we are discovering more colours and textures, more looks and moods.  Our favourite thing is that right now brows are in! Brows are the framework for a beautifully made up face as well as a clean and gorgeous natural makeup-less face.  Highlighting is bringing makeup to a whole new level and Zazi has the Pearl highlighter butter to help you nail the look. Keep having fun, keep experimenting and keep showing off your handiwork! The digital age has given us a whole new playground to work in, share and explore – the selfie decade is here and we love it.

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