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Oak Eye & Brow Butter

Oak Eye & Brow Butter

$26.50 Incl GST


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For light brown to dark brown hair

BUTTER IS BETTER! Get Perfect Brows with Zazi's Brow Butter! The Best Brow Product available. Create those perfectly shaped brows without the pencil lines and the powder residue - just flawless brows. Brow butter is an affordable brow filler that creates a smooth, soft finish to define brows of all shapes and colours. Zazi Brow Butter is sweat resistant, water resistant, long lasting, 100% natural and not to mention the best product in the brow game as well as being Australian Made. 


• Contain All Natural Ingredient 

• Australian Made & Owned 

• Defines brows with a natural look 

• Fill in sparse brows 

• Eyebrow correction 

• Controls wayward brows 

• Long lasting 

• Water resistant

 • Smudge proof 

• Sweat Resistant

 • Great Range of Colours 

• Not tested on animals 

• Use as an eyeliner

Directions for use

Use a small amount of butter on your brush and apply through the brows to create a soft and natural brow.  For a more intense look more butter will be required.