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About Us

 We are a family business that came about by necessity.  Our daughter fell prey to severe cystic acne.  It was devastating as parents to see our child loose her confidence.  Initially all she wanted was to cover up whilst her condition improved, however we could not find any products suitable for her to use.

Michael is from a farming background and was managing 35,000 acres before making the switch to cosmetic manufacturer.  I spent most of my working life in the banking industry, mostly in debt collection. Yes, it is a huge sea change but one we love as we make a difference to so many lives…helping women and men regain their confidence.

Many people ask “Where did the name come from?”  It actual came about from our names Roz (Roslyn), Jaz (Jenae) and Torz (Tori).  Michael was adamant that we had to have a 4 letter name only.
What does “ZAZI” mean? We were not aware that it meant anything at the time, however we have found a few since our launch and I love them all:
“Flashy Woman” (slang)
“Pretty little Girl Child” (Europe)
“Know yourself” (African negro  language)
And my favourite - “a Zest and Zeal for life, a zip in your step and you are impressive.” (America)
 To me that spells CONFIDENCE.

Go on..…get your ZAZI on!
Roz Smith

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A quick guide to understanding colour correcting concealers

Roz Smith - Friday, October 23, 2015

We get a lot of questions about concealers at Zazi, so we have put together a quick guide to help you decide what will work best for your skin.  ..


  • I am so pleased that I chose to become a stockist of Zazi Mineral Cosmetics. I can honestly say the ZAZI foundation is the best in the world. I have stocked many brands and tried everything and nothing compares to the ZAZI foundation. I won't put anything else on my face and I now use it for all my weddings, I'm sure I could go on an ad for you, I love it. I sell hundreds of dollars worth of stock at my workshop and I do not even try to sell as I purely run the workshops to teach skills not for product sales, but as you would know Zazi sells itself. I have a lot of women that are now hooked on the foundation. I recently made up a bride that had bad skin and the end result with the foundation was just second to none! Pretty happy you created it ;-).

    Kristin ACT

  • My daughter Emily, who is 13, has been suffering with bad skin for the last two years, and as she got older and her skin worsened, she was very self conscious of her skin problem. We tried many many products, including some of the most expensive ones, and nothing seemed to be the miracle we were looking for, and none of them made any difference to this worsening problem as she got further into her teenage years.

    Emily’s mum QLD

  • I Just thought I’d send out a personal recommendation for Zazi Mineral Cosmetics Sharon was kind enough to come over one day and give me a facial and glam me up for the races… I was stoked at the results. To be honest I was a bit apprehensive at first given I’ve tried everything on the market however I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin since sampling and now purchasing the whole skincare & makeup line.

    Cassandra Gladstone

  • I Just wanted to say a massive THANKYOU!! I purchased a few of your products on Monday at Floriade, LOVED them so much I had to go back this morning to stock up on more!! The BEST by far products on the market, and fabulous customer service. Again my skin and I thankyou.


  • I am forty and have had 'problem' skin for about 25 years of those forty! I have tried every skin care range, from the $100 bottles to the $10, seen dermatologists and been just a step away from going the 'roacutain' route...and then I found your face scrub.

    Susannah QLD

  • I hadn't been able to wear eye makeup for about 10 years due to 'dry' eyes and had given up as everything I tried aggravated my eyes. I saw Zazi at Floriade with my daughter in 2010 and she pushed me to try it out. Roz matched my skin tone and tried some eyeshadows. Going home I was sure that I'd have a reaction. I was so excited that I didn't have any kind of reaction at all. The next day I went back to Floriade and bought a huge range of eye shadows.

    Jenny ACT

  • I have always had trouble finding a makeup that worked with my skin. I would think I found a foundation that was perfect, and then it would start clumping, or not even showing in some areas of my face. This was until I started using Zazi in Oct 2009. I now use Cappuccino foundation and I love how it counteracts all of my redness and the Foundation creates a really silky soft finish on my skin. It is the perfect colour and gives amazing coverage for work, and when I go out it lasts into the early hours of the morning –always lasting longer than me.

    Lauren Blakeley Queanbeyan NSW

  • I have never really been big on using make–up. I knew the basics and that I should be using scrubs, masks, cleansers, toners and moisturiser, but really, who has time to do ALL of that plus it never really made my skin look or feel better and “doing my face” seemed to take for ever. I always felt as though I had it caked on but then I was lucky enough to run into Roz Smith and the Zazi products and everything changed.

    Sally W Toowoomba

  • Hello my name is Peggy and I just wanted to say that I love the Zazi Mineral Makeup. I went to the Royal Easter Show this year and saw the Zazi Stand in the Fashion & Style Pavilion. I saw all the foundation colours, the blushes and eye shadows and just loved them…I was served by a lovely lady who colour matched my face and made up my eyes and I loved how it looked and felt on my skin….I have been using it ever since…it is so light weight (it doesn’t feel like I am wearing any)…and I don’t get pimples like I did with my old makeup) THANKS ZAZI – XXX

    Peggy D Camden NSW

  • I can't speak highly enough of the skincare. I had really bad hyperpigmentation and very sensitive skin which got worse after each baby. I was at my wits end trying to find something affordable that worked. Pretty much everything I tried from beauty salons made my eyes etc. swell and no makeup I tried would even go on my face in the Qld humidity let alone stay on, while covering the pigmentation. It used to make me feel very ugly and self-conscious.

    Sharon Mackie Gladstone QLD

  • Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Zazi Mineral Costmetics for producing such a beautiful product! I have been using Clarins for years and have never been able to try anything else as my face would react....that is until I was introduced to Zazi and wow, my skin feels amazing....the bags under my eyes are disappearing and my face feels smooth and spot free and most importantly it didn't react!!! I have finally found a great product that is affordable.....Yay!!

    Michelle Matthews Adelaide SA

  • Thanks Zazi for posting my order so quickly - AGAIN - why can't everything be as easy as a Zazi order? Seriously, dealing with you guys is so easy peasy.

    Mary ACT

  • I love the whole Zazi skin care and make up range. I found them in Beenleigh this year and Tori and Roz are really amazing and down to earth ladies. My skin was breaking out and I was at my wits end to find a make up to wear daily to work, without it affecting my skin further. Then I started using Zazi makeup along with skin care and no more break outs. You only need a small amount so it lasts forever AND the pricing is SO affordable. Thanks for such great service and products.


  • All of the Zazi products have no adverse reaction on my skin. My cheeks are usually red and hot. The Zazi products calm and have a soothing effect on them. The foundation covers all of the redness and blotches up. YAY! I would not buy any other products. Zazi forever!!! :)

    Emily B ACT

  • Thank you Zazi so much. It has made such a difference to me.


  • Bought Zazi products at Floriade a few days ago and WOW! My skin feels so fresh and relaxed. Haven't had any irritation or breakouts. Absolutely love love love this range :) thank you!

    Caroline B

  • Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Roz for dropping into my salon today in Childers! I am very much in love with your amazing products. My makeup is still very much intact and my partner really liked it as did my clients today! I will personally be buying you products for myself and I look forward to talking to you more business wise. We need to support the aussie products! Your product is tops!! THANK YOU!! Very happy.

    Lucia – Childers

  • Hi lovelies! Just want to say THANK YOU!!! My skin has never been so clear & it's all thanks to your awesome products!!! Thank you & keep up the awesome work! Xxx.

    Emma Z

  • Thank you to Mel from Zazi Minerals for applying my makeup for a photo shoot. I loved her work and the Zazi products. Very natural and so comfortable. Thanks Zazi! Love Mrs Australasia Globe 2011.
  • I have had the pleasure of using Zazi body oil on my legs and arms with a lot of success. I've had eczema all winter and all of the lotions and potions have just made the itch worse. Zazi body oil has relieved the itch and is clearing it, and lightening the brown age spots also. Thank you Michael and Roz.

    Val Toowoomba QLD

  • I met Roz up at Aggrow, Central Queensland and tried your foundation and blush and I love it! It takes away the red natural skin I have makes it look natural the blush puts a little bit of pink sparkle on my cheeks also. I have had so many compliments about the way it makes my skin look and everyone is very surprised that it is mineral powder not liquid. Absolutely love it!

    Melanie McMaster

  • Before I tried Zazi I never used to bother much with makeup it was too much hassle. With Zazi I can put it on and be out the door in under five minutes. That is great for me and I wear makeup nearly all the time now. I've had really lovely compliments when I wear it also.

    Leanne Christensen