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Zazi Acne Pack - Combination Skin

Zazi Acne Pack - Combination Skin

$105.00 Incl GST


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The Acne pack consists of Cleanser, Moisturising Serum and Face Scrub.

3 Step Regime

1.    Cleanse morning and night, twice each time.  The first is to remove oil, dirt etc and the second is to cleanse the skin.

2.    Moisturise each morning and night, after cleansing your face.

3.    Use your face scrub 3 times per week and cut down to once or twice per week as your skin improves. 

I do recommend you scrub in the shower as it is the easiest and most thorough way to scrub your whole face. Over the first 2 weeks it may appear that your skin is breaking out…this is just a detox period where the skin is purging all impurities.

Tips to enhance the effectiveness of the regime:

1.    Pillow case should be turned each night and then changed to a clean one.  

2.    Use a clean face washer daily.

3.    Sleep with your hair off your face.

4.    Drink plenty of water.

Or you can choose our complete skin care pack with the added benefits gained from a toner and mask.